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The Digital Experience

8 December 2009 No Comment

Found this presentation on ‘Digital Marketing Experiences’ through one of the posts on a Linkedin group- this led me to the this post on Digital Buzz (proves “Social reference marketing” not only drives traffic but action and buzz)

Razorfish interactive- a leading digital marketing company (recently acquired by Publicis), has come out with the findings of a report on Digital Experiences- labelled the “Digital Brand Experience Report 2009″.

FEED: The Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009 Key Findings

It is a great looking presentation- and since I am a sucker for pretty looking presentations with substance, here it is.

If you want the full report, they have it here in pdf

First off- it is great practice by agencies to do this- create research reports and share experiences. Establishes them as a thought leader, gets some buzz and of course benefits the community as a whole.

This study basically outlines the fact that in the new marketing communications era- it is experiences that matter. I would add my two cents to it.

Advertising is not  going to go away and ‘experiential marketing’ will not be the sole marketing tool. Even highly experience marketing driven brands like Nike and Apple do “advertise”.  The next challenge for advertisers/marketers then becomes- make advertising experiential.