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Sponsored video: The Fact Checkers Unit series and Content Marketing

8 June 2012 No Comment

In my previous posts I have talked many times about the power of content marketing. Some of them have been about infographics and others about various other formats.

Key elements of content marketing are that the content it should be spread-worthy (which means it should automatically incite people to spread the content) but it should be bring forth your objectives very clearly.

Written, drawn, spoken, shown content is so much more powerful than plain simple advertising. One is immersive and has legs to travel- the other relies on ‘captive audience’ and is shackled within a box.

Content marketing frees your story- gives it legs.

And here is a new example. The Fact Checkers Unit video series.

Distributed for Samsung Galaxy Note, Fact Checkers Unit is a hit online comedy about two overzealous magazine Fact Checkers who stop at nothing to check the most absurd of celebrity facts.

This episode features a fun story line starring James Franco  (many of you will remember him playing James Dean in the movie about the actors life) and has a crazy storyline.

As he leads the Fact checker Unit’s spies/paparazzi (one of the actors, I found out- is also the writer/director of this series) to a chase  around town (Why? Because apparently James Franco was spotted with a Baby Bump (!!))- he changes appearances reminiscence of X-Men. (Erm… ‘Shape-shifter’ is apparently the word for it)

Fun, arbit, scandalous – some adjectives that swirl in your mind as you progress through the video. And that is all good – from a storytelling perspective.

So that takes care of the spread-worthy part. What is interesting about this is being bang clear on objectives. The fact checkers unit spies continuously use the Mobile device to be more efficient.

Video chat while hanging from a  tree? Tick.

Easy internet sharing. Tick.

Make a quick greeting note on the spot using notes and photos? Tick.

Knuckle sandwich with extra knuckles? Tick.

Oh! Anyways. You get the idea.

And that integrates the product features within the storytelling for the device.

So go ahead- watch the video and enjoy!

Sponsored by Samsung