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Online Videos and creativity on a budget

5 July 2009 5 Comments

How (much) do clients pay their advertising agencies? Obviously- it depends. But usually an appropriate response could be “Through their noses”

Saw the recent IAS (Institute of Advertising Singapore) ads promoting “Singapore International Advertising Congress 2009″ and they touched a chord with me. They also organize the Effie Awards in Singapore. And I have judged some categories at the awards with an esteemed panel of the who’s who from Singapore advertising landscape.

I have at many occasions talked about how creativity need not be at earth shattering costs. And though some marketing campaigns might need them,many do not.

Finally- managed to blog about the videos they created- and here they are- Creative, timeless, simple, unpretentious and inexpensive (though I’m sure they don’t cost $0 as mentioned in the ad).

But before you jump to crucify your staff or your agency- here is the thing- this does require talent- both in performance and execution- not to mention marketing the videos. The shift is that the production costs are cheap- and marketing assets like this become of prime importance.

Therefore- if your media agency pretends to understand digital media- ask them to market this stuff. Grain from the chaff. Men from the boys.

New Media Marketing has content at the forefront- and these digital assets can prove quintessential to marketing your web presence- which in turn is important to get audience that convert into sales.

However, one caveat though- they have taken a outward-in approach- they do succeed in creating buzz using the ads- specially because they aim to reach the marketing fraternity- though they missed an important discipline- Landing page Optimization. Ask me how.


Shalabh (@shalabhpandey)

  • Sarrah McLaughlin

    This is good stuff.
    I also saw an ad recently by a small agency who made a YouTube homepage- and beat the pants off the advertising agencies owned by the big 4.

    Will send you the URL over twitter

  • http://www.shalabhpandey.com shalabh

    Comment from S Yesudas from Vizeum Media over Facebook:
    Question is how much do you want them to pay? Unless you value your services and put a tag for it , clients will always negotiate till the last penny …

    My reply:
    True. And that will always depend on many parameters. However- the cost shifts here- from production to ideation and implementation.
    Another major shift is media- or the lack of it. The Brand now has to pay for distributing the content rather than buying media. That calls for a completely a different mind set.
    Obviously cost savings are substantial if production and media costs are optimized thus. Of course it will have a bigger debate of reach vs engagement for example

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