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Edutainment start-ups and businesses the next big wave for Venture funding?

24 October 2012 No Comment

In all my recent discussions within the start-up ecosystem, it seems Edutainment and Education reforms might be the next big wave.

I have sensed that in the recent Techventures event held in Singapore, where prominent folks in the Venture Capital space gave a big thumbs up to edutainment and technology/content for the education sector.

Recent news stories about funding of such businesses and start-ups is also gaining ground- see the chart below. Since this chart is derived from a very specific terms (Edutainment), the volume seems low on that particular term, but it seems to grow on the right path on its ‘Hype Life Cycle’ curve (a term I use to denote the ‘life journey of discussions’ around a topic- and own the intellectual property to)

As an example, this news where Accel partners invested INR 2.5 crores (about half a million dollars) in an Indian edutainment company

Venture capital firm Accel Partners and a group of angel investors, led by Pearson Education Services India’s managing director and chief executive, Meena Ganesh, have invested Rs 2.7 crore in a Delhi-based education start-up Mind Edutainment.

So that’s it. The Whiz Times is on the right track. It is rocking edutainment; one of its kind, and just wait till we pour more rocking concepts into this melting pot of Rocking Edutainment! The fun is on!